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Examples Of Pearls
A pearl can be defined as a hard and sparkling object that is made from the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusk or any other animal that can produce it. They have a soft touch, and they are round in shape. They are fine, and hence they are used as gemstones for beauty. This makes them highly values and also used by many. If you are interested in jewelry that is made from the same, you become specific on the shape, size, the color and how the jewelry is refined. The artificial gems takes a process for them to be made while the pearls are naturally found and never crafted. The pearls are normally differentiated by the color or other characteristics.
There is a variety of pearls. One, there is the cultured pearl. This is based on how the pearl was found. The cultured pearl forms when an irritant gets into some species of bivalve that are like an oyster or clams that grows. The layers will then cover the irritant and form a cultured pearl.
The next type pearl is the Tahitian. They are well known for their dark colors, and they are also known to be the true pearl. Tis type emanates from French Polynesia. They have a baroque shape. They are shiny with an overtone of green and blue. They have a size that differs from 9 to 13mm.
The other type is a sea of Cortez. This type of pearl originates from the cultured pearl. This type is rare to find. All of them originates from Guaymas, and they produce a batch of four thousand every year. They are dark blue and another shade of copper that has a rainbow overtone.
Fresh water pearls is another example of pearls that are found in rivers and lakes. This type can be found in China. The colors tend to differ from white to peach and the lavender. They can be dyed to have peacock colors.
South seashell is another type of pearl. It concentrates more on the place where it is found rather than the origin. All of them originates from the areas of the Pacific Ocean that are East of Indonesia and the North of Australia. The the bivalve determines color among other circumstances.
While Pearl is also another type. The farmers will tend to culture them in silver-lipped P- maxima oysters. They are mostly found in a baroque shape but there are spheres that are rarely found. Its thicker nacre gives it a shiny surface.

Gold Pearl is another type They are found in the south sea pearls. They are formed from gold-lipped P- maxima oysters. They have nearly the same shape and size as the white pearl, but their difference is in the bivalve species as well as their environment.