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First time or habitual apartment renters have a tough decision to incorporate their lifestyle, budget and taste when hunting for a new apartment. To ensure you have a smooth search process, we have arranged top considerations you should look into.

The following aspects should be looked into during apartment searching before signing off the lease.

1. Price

The first thing to consider you affordable you want to live. Before landing on your preferred apartment, you should consider your budget. You can carry out an online research on the common rental rates in the preferred neighborhood. In case the rental rates are very high for you, you can consider other alternative locations or even begin cutting back on your expenses.

Alternatively, you can look for a roommate to cost share with the expenses. You should keep in mind that when the apartment’s rent is low compared to other rentals in the same neighborhood, this should raise a red flag. With past knowledge of the market, this could be helpful in negotiating with the landlord over the price.

2. Quality

Many homeowners are fooled with the pictures of the apartments online. Arranging a visit to the apartment should therefore be planned prior. You should also keep in mind of cosmetic issues such as broken blinds, cracks on walls which should be fixed by the landlord. This also proves that the apartment has not been properly taken care of by the landlord.

In your hunt for the apartment, considerations should be considered for health and safety measures including broken pipes, bug infestation, mold, broken windows, rust, non-functional heating and cooling systems, dirty air filters and leaky faucet.

3. Landlord

Your landlord performs a crucial role in determining your renting experience. It can prove to be a rental nightmare when you have an unbothered landlord who does not show up after up signed the lease. Scheduling a meeting with your landlord will ensure you do not suffer from this. When you decide to move in, you can consult your roommate on their overall experience with the landlord.

4. Roommates

Before you move into an apartment with strangers, you should first build a rapport with them. Chances are high they would also like to build one with you. Before you move in together, you should ensure that there is mutual respect between the two of you. Matching your interests, lifestyles and tastes is important in ensuring that you have a long term relationship. In case of any problems in your apartment, it becomes easier to consult your landlord.

In case you have found your roommate, you can check out several fully furnished and serviced apartments. With these short term rentals, it offers the perfect stay opportunity for your situation.

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